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Irlen Ambassadors

  Irlen Ambassadors is a non profit group, working with the North Valley Community Foundation.
 Irlen Ambassadors  are passionate about Irlen and dedicated to spreading Irlen awareness, and also raising funds to help pay lab fees for low income clients.
 Apply for awards from Susan Hughes chairperson 891-4783, and Linda Rowell co-chair 519-1666 .
Or send your donation to North Valley Community Foundation, attention Irlen Ambassador Charitable Trust Fund. 240 Main St #260 Chico CA 95928
In the last three years we raised enough money for 61 scholarships. 
 Current fundraising has involved several events. Usually 3 or 4 a year.
1.  Readathons. 
In Springtime we can come and help set up a school readathon at your school. All money earned will  give scholarships to children from the participating school
The Readathon involves 2 half hour assemblies and most of the reading is done at home. We can give your school a complete package, with ideas and all needed forms, to help you with this. Last spring we worked with a small charter school, and in two weeks raised enough money  to put 6 more students in glasses.
2 Bargains Books and Breakfast 
A Springtime multi family yard sale with full breakfast offerings including tamales, goodies coffee and lemonade. 
 3.Fundraising letter  drive 'Friends of Irlen Ambassadors'
 In  September, October we join the North Valley Community Foundation/NVCF, for a fundraising drive . 
4 Ride Roll & Read
One  Fall we had a family fundraiser in the park, Roll Ride and Spin. 
 Gain us both awareness and earning needed funds 
5 Scotty's on the River a fun event with a silent auction and music 
6 The Parade of Lights Downtown Chico 
 We also have booths at local events to spread awareness. 
All profits go to fund awards for lab fees for Irlen lenses for low income adults and children .

They can change lives, as they help with; learning problems, Dyslexia, ADD/HD, Headaches , Migraines & brain injuries.
They are a non-invasive, drug free
 We often have  booths at local events and festivals spreading awarenss as much as we can. 

891-4783  Susan Hughes or Linda Rowell Irlen Ambassador Chair and co-chair
Irlen Ambassadors 
Phone/fax 530-891-4783
The Irlen method is a non-invasive, drug free technology that uses colored overlays and spectral filters worn as glasses, to improve the brain’s ability to process visual information, relieve chronic learning difficulties, relieve visual stress, and chronic migraines/headaches. Many students and adults find relief with this method
Although this method is used in 47 countries there are still many schools and associations unaware of the potential for help for their students or clients. Irlen ambassadors are dedicated to spreading awareness of this syndrome that affects one in five people, and raising funds to help individuals pay for costs of lab fees for glasses.
Ways in which you, your school, or group can spread awareness and help your staff and students to read with ease, comfort, fluency and comprehension.
  • Train to be an Irlen screener, or send a member of your staff or group to train. This will allow many of your students to be screened for overlays. You need a BA in education, psychology or related Health fields to train
  • Ask a local screener or diagnostician for a presentation on Irlen at your school, or for yrou group.
  • Take part in a Dr. Seuss Readathon in March. Each school involved who raise $200, allows a child in their school to have a scholarship to pay the lab fees. Wildflower Charter school, Chico easily raised enough for 7 students to receive scholarships. We have a Readathon kit to make it easy.
  • Have a screener visit your school and screen struggling students for overlays.
  • Come and be screened yourself.
  • Have your child screened at school.
  • Post a picture and /or story of your or your child’s improvement and successes on Irlen Visions Facebook to increase awareness. Or follow us on Facebook
  • Join us at North Valley Irlen Ambassadors and help to plan.
  • Take part in our fall fundraiser . This year the Parade of Lights.   Dress in purple. Pass information on Facebook or Emails to friends and colleagues so they are aware of possibilities
  • Make a donation to North Valley Community Foundation, for Irlen Ambassadors trust fund.
  • Have a colorful day.  North Valley Irlen Ambassadors Team.