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Irlen® Ambassadors is a non profit group, working with the North Valley Community Foundation.


Irlen® Ambassadors  are passionate about Irlen® and dedicated to spreading Irlen® awareness, and also raising funds to help pay lab fees for
low income clients.

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Although this remedy is used in a number of countries around the world,  there are still many schools and associations in the northern California area unaware of the potential to help their students or clients who are struggling with symptoms related to Irlen® syndrome. Irlen® Syndrome is not a problem with the eyes. It is a visual processing disorder that affects 12-14% of individuals across all age  and ability groups.

Irlen® color tinted lenses or spectral Filters, is a non-invasive drug-free solution to such symptoms as; learning problems, struggling to read clearly, headaches & migraines, focusing problems, light sensitivity, brain injuries, behavior issues, and eye fatigue. Almost 50% of those with reading or learning problems have Irlen® syndrome.

The problems can affect reading, copying, math, and general academic performance as well as attention and comprehension.

These problems tend to manifest themselves in such ways as underachievement, general learning difficulties, and attention deficit issues.

Special education, general, and gifted students can all be helped by wearing IRLEN® SPECTRAL FILTERS  

The Irlen® color overlays  and  spectral filters are a drug free way to improve the brain’s ability to process visual information by using a personalized color tint to relieve symptoms such as visual distortions and eye strain.


Irlen® Ambassadors are dedicated to spreading awareness of Irlen® syndrome and to raising funds to help low-income individuals pay for the cost of lab fees for spectral filters . There is also a low income rate  for the cost of the 2-3 hours of of testing to obtain the perfect color combination.

For more information about our organization and cause, please visit our facebook page Irlen Visions.

And for more information about Irlen® syndrome and its symptoms please visit

Apply for awards from Susan Hughes facilitator 891-4783.
Or send your donation to North Valley Community Foundation, attention Irlen® Ambassadors Charitable Trust Fund. 240 Main St #260 Chico CA 95928
 You always are  welcome to join our worthy group. We meet once a month on Sundays from 4-6. Call the chair for times and directions.
 Fundraising so far has been;
1.  Readathons. 

In Springtime we can come and help set up a school readathon at your school. All money earned will  give scholarships to children from the
participating school

The Readathon involves 2 half hour assemblies and most of the reading is done at home. We can give your school a complete package, with ideas

and all needed forms, to help you with this. Last spring we worked with a small charter school, and in two weeks raised enough money  to put
6 more students in glasses.
2.Friends of Irlen® Ambassadors fundraising drive

 Inlate summer/early fall ready for International Irlen® Awareness week , we have a fundraising drive called the 'Friends of Irlen® Ambassadors', . All money, after expenses,
donated during this time goes to Irlen® scholarships to pay lab fees .  
3 Roll, Ride  & Spin
 In Fall 2015 We had our family fundraiser in the park, Roll Ride and Spin. 
 Gain us both awareness and earning needed funds 
 This was a joyful event for the whole family. A colorful  ride for a colorful cause.
4 Breakfast, Books and Bargains 
Each year in Spring we have held a large yard sale where we serve tamales and other breakfast items and also plants from our garden . 

5 The Parade of Lights. 2017 was the first time we were involved in the Parade of Lights in downtown Chico. 17 Irlen® wearers participated
dressed in purple with twinkly lights and banners pulling a flotilla of Costco wagons
Music at Scotty's. 
    Each summer we have a fun event at Scotty's restaurant by the River. We have musicians and a silent auction
7 Booths.
 We often have  booths at local events and festivals,offering mini screeneings and spreading awareness as much as we can.   
8 Mothers day Plant sale
The last three years we have held well attended Mothers Day plant sales. We also offer small gifts and jewelry.

9 Friends of Irlen® Ambassadors charitable fund drive   in  September  and October we hold a fund drive, sending out letters to many friends
and lenses wearers.
10 Week of Giving 
During December we partipate in the Week of Giving 
11 Mary's Memorial  After Susan's mother died in December of 2016 Many remembered her with a donation instead of flowers.
12 Take over restaurant or Barnes and Noble fundraiser
We occasionally gather amny people at a local retaurant or book store and recieve a percent  .

All profits go to fund awards for lab fees for Irlen® lenses for low income adults and children.

By December 2022 we have given out more than 350 scholarships . We see a great need and hope to continue to fund those who need
this support in their life but without sufficient income to make it happen. The last 3 years we have given around 60 scharships a year.

Irlen® lenses can change lives, as they help with; learning problems, Dyslexia, ADD/HD, Headaches , Migraines & Brain injuries.
They are a non-invasive, drug free solution.

891-4783    Susan Hughes Facilitator Irlen® Ambassador
Irlenvisions Facebook Page