Trips 2020

Susan Hughes , Irlen® diagnostician         

Now offering 2 CEU credits for Irlen® training

Currently planning an on-line screener training Hopefully by late July 


 Trainings            2020  Trips            2020


Susan Hughes MA regularily travels to Roseville or the Sacramento area.

She travels north to Redding and Fortuna by request for groups of 4 or more 












Susan will travel  200 miles to test groups of 4 or more. 

 She willl also travel to train groups of 4 or more screeners

     Susan will travel 200 miles to train groups of 4 or more

For trainings elsewhere contact Irlen® International Institute or   



     Hayward, Bay Area diagnostician Sheryl Pliskin 

     Oregon diagnosition Marcia Davis ,Salem 503-339-5839


For trainings in Salem Oregon contact Marcia Davis 



Call 530  891 4783 or for more  information 


Diagnosing and rechecking spectral filters for Irlen® Syndrome. (Scotopic Sensitivity) 

Where:       809 Nancy Lane Chico CA 95926
Call:     Susan Hughes for appointments 530-891-4783
Cost:    My testing: $280.00,
Lab fees:     $159.00 for tinting, UV, scratch coat &shipping on your prescription lenses
     $53.00 to add Plano or single vision lenses $71.00 for children (industrial strength)
Recheck:    $65.00 ( rechecking within the first 3 months free.)
Modification:    $46.00 (modifying lens color)

15% discounts for second or more from the same family.

Sliding scale available for low income 

Credit cards, cash or checks accepted. also Flex plan or Benefit cards 



  • Frames 
  • Prescription lenses if needed (CR39 plastic, no coating or tinting.)See ID.
  • Copy of prescription with PD distance.
  • ID form from eye doctor
  • Testing information from screener if available 
  • No prescription needed, buy lenses from Irlen® $53.00/$71.00
  • Optional, Single vision prescription lenses for $53.00
  • Rimless or partial rimless. Send lenses only

 Call Susan at 530-891-4783  or if you have any special questions or vision problems.