Screener Training, 2020

During COVID-19, Susan will be training screeners on Zoom. Call for more information. 

Want to Become an Irlen® screener?

Upcoming trainings  in Chico on Zoom  2020: Now offering 2 CEU  graduate credits for training through Simpson University

   Trainings take place Friday 6-9 PM all day Saturday and Sunday from 9:00-5:00

Open to those with a BA in education, psychology or related health fields. Or equivalent 

  At present during the Corona virus crisis all trainings are on Zoom.

Contact Susan on Email or 530-891-4783

 Deadlien for early bird discount is Nov 13. 2020 

 Chico, Zoom , California: 2020,

      1 training left this year 2020    









Dec. 4/5/6


For rest of country and abroad contact

Salem, Oregon contact Marcia Davis






Contact Susan Hughes, MA, Irlen® diagnostician at or 530-891-4783 for Chico trainings.

Don't let your students fall through the cracks .

This could be one of the most useful classes you have ever taken to help your struggling or unmotivated readers.

Please pass this flyer to a colleague, teacher or friend who might be interested.

Also available to Irlen® screeners who need to re-license  

Registration Form for Screener Training

Training Details:

Susan Hughes MA, Irlen® Diagnostician,  is offering two-day workshops Northern California

The Irlen® Method is a non-invasive,
drug-free technology that uses
colored overlays and spectral filters worn as glasses or contact lenses
to improve the brain's ability to process visual information
& relieves visual stress, chronic migraines/headaches and can help brain injuries.


Over 25 years of International Evidence-Based Research


Over 200,000 children and adults wear Irlen® Spectral Filters and over 1,000,000 use Irlen® Overlays worldwide


Thousands of schools provide Irlen® Screenings & Overlays for Irlen® Syndrome "Scotopic sensitivity," affecting reading, math, handwriting, attention, self-regulation, and other learning & working problems


Assistive Technology & Learning Accommodation for 504 plans, standardized testing, IEPs.


Susan Hughes MA will be teaching

5 Irlen® Screener Certification classes in 2020:

In Chico CA March 7/8 , July 25/26, December 4/ 5/6


1 left for this year on Zoom 


New – 2 CUE units available for this class for those who need them.     

When: Friday 6-9 pm Saturday/Sunday 9.00-5:00    


Cost:  Training $300.00, Materials $250.00  . Registration with Irlen® Institute $20.00 

Re-training to maintain license after 5 years $50.00, Plus new manuals $65.00 if trained before 2015

$20 for registration with Institute

          2 CEU credits available at $55.00 each

Send a resume and PO or check soon to hold your space.


SPECIAL OFFER: $40.00 discount for early registration . Nov 13, 2020


Startup Kit of consumables $100.00 (value $215) Includes 40 more overlays, 4 of each color ,plus 50 testing papers

 Highly recommended 


Irlen® Screener training open to; Teachers, Resource Specialists, School nurses  OT, PT and related Health Professionals, Adult Education staff,  Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Learning Center staff, tutors etc.

Trainees must have a BA or equivalent.


Learn How Sensory Stress Affects Learning, Attention and Behavior   

Visual Stress is a major cause of learning and health problems such as headaches/migraines, season affective disorder, ADD/ADHD, perceptual dyslexia, poor depth perception, sensory processing disorders, anxieties, traumatic brain injury, and light sensitivity. Over 80% of learning is visual and over 25% of students in schools and colleges have visual problems serious enough to impact learning. This also affects many adults causing them headaches, depression and even difficulty with job advancement.

See the website at  and Irlen Visions Facebook for more details about Irlen® Syndrome and Method and for an updated calendar. 


Register by Email or mail or phone. Irlen Visions

 530-891-4783 or

809 Nancy Lane Chico CA 95926



This could be one of the most useful classes you have taken to give real help students and clients.

Many schools count it for Continuing Ed.