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  1. Screening takes 1 to 1/½ hours, fee – $100.00
  2. Overlays $5:00 each
  3. Tinting takes 2-4 more hours beyond the screening. The color is often different than the overlays because it is transmitted light , not reflected light. Fee includes a check-up within three months and a short report. – $280.00
  4. Long report, optional – $50.00.
  5. Re-evaluation, usually takes an hour  – $65.00
  6. Re-evaluation for the first time after 5 or more years - $125

 There is a 15% discount for second or more from the same family.

 There is a sliding scale for MediCal and low-income clients.

screeners receive a 20% discount 


 Fees for the spectral filters, frames, tinting process, shipping and handling,

At the Irlen lab, Irlen Institute, Long Beach.

  1. Tinting, scratch coat, UV and shipping of prescription lenses – $154.00
  2. Lenses, Plano, or single vision CR 39 plastic with no coating or tinting – $53.00 adults, $63.00 for children under 18 as they are industrial strength.
  3. Irlen frames, optional – $41.00
  4. Rush order 5-7 working days, optional – $15.00
  5. Irlen lens cleaner – $5.00
  6. Tint modification, includes shipping, UV, and scratch coat – $46.00


A very few people also need mirrors, or different colors for outdoors and indoors and that is extra.

Clients pay just the appointment fee at the time of the testing, and  the lab/mailing fee at the time they give the glasses to be sent to the lab. Checks are made out to Irlen Visions.

I am also happy to take Visa, Master-Charge, Flexplan cards or cash.


Bring to appointments:

Testing information from screener 

  • Frames

  • Prescription lenses if needed (CR39 plastic, no scratch or anti-glare coatings or tinting.)Industrial strength for children under 18) See ID

  • Copy of prescription with PD distance.

  • ID form from eye doctor

  • No prescription needed, buy lenses from Irlen

  • Optional, Single vision prescription lenses

  • Rimless or partial rimless. Send lenses only

  • Over sized or curved lenses from Irlen $50.00 extra

  • If Irlen has to send lenses out for special cuts i.e. Rimless $20.00 extra.   

  • Mail frames and lenses to Susan Hughes 809 Nancy Lane Chico CA 95926

  • They will be mailed back to your address.

Call: Susan Hughes for appointments 530-891-4783


Financial Help

Most agencies require that you apply before getting the services. They do not refund after the fact.

  • Call for sliding scale or low income fees
  • Irlen Ambassadors will pay for lab fees in the North Valley area if you qualify.
  • During screener trainings I screen clients over the age of 8 for free. I need one for my demonstration, and several for my new trainees to test. You still have to pay $5.00 for overlays. Call if you would like you or your child to be tested at the next training.
  • Often there are screeners in schools who screen students in their school for free. If there is not one in your school see if you can persuade a teacher or counselor  to take the training.
  • Call Lion's, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs for help. 
  • Vocational rehab has paid in many areas .
  • Regional services have sometimes paid for a child with Autism or similar disorders.
  • Foster parents services have paid for foster children.
  • Churches have often funded families who attend.
  • Opticians often have a box of discontinued frames under the counter that are very inexpensive. 
  • Some insurances will pay. You need a letter from a psychiatrist or doctor and you must apply before getting the testing.  Call Susan for more information. 
    My visa machine will usully take flex-plan cards or benefit cards. 
    Tribal Health has paid in many areas.