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Trips 2017

Susan Hughes , Irlen diagnostician         

Now offering 2 CEU credits for Irlen training 

 Trainings            2016  Trips            201


Susan Hughes MA will be teaching

4 Irlen Screener Certification classes

In Chico CA in 2017:

March 11/12, July 29/30,


In Loomis near Sacramento May6/7, Oct. 28/29

New – 2 CUE units available for this class for those who need them.     


When: Healldsburg Marin March 18,

Mill Valley March 19



Livermore  CA  Saturday , Sunday May  2017

She will be Diagnosing and rechecking spectral filters or colored glasses for Irlen Syndrome. (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) 






Susan will travel  200 miles for groups of 4 or more. Ukiah, Redding, Sacramento Etc.

     Susan will travel to train groups of 5 or more


For trainings in Las Vegas contact Shanda Badger



     Hayward diagnostician Sheryl Pliskin 

     Oregon diagnositions

Marcia Davis ,Salem 503-339-5839

Dr Rory Richardson, Lincoln City, 541-994-4462        

For trainings in Salem Oregon contact Marcia DAvis 


     Las Vegas diagnostician 

Shanda Badger 702-480-3238 

Call 530  891 4783 or for more  information 


Diagnosing and rechecking spectral filters for Irlen Syndrome. (Scotopic Sensitivity) 

Where:       809 Nancy Lane Chico CA 95926
Call:     Susan Hughes for appointments 530-891-4783
Cost:    My testing: $280.00,
Lab fees:     $154.00 for tinting, UV, scratch coat &shipping on your prescription lenses
     $53.00 to add Plano or single vision lenses
Recheck:    $65.00 ( rechecking within the first 3 months free.)
Modification:    $46.00 (modifying lens color)

15% discounts for second or more from the same family.

Sliding scale available for low income 

Credit cards, cash or checks accepted. also Flex plan or Benefit cards 

Optional: Irlen offers frames for adults and children for $41.00 


  • Frames  ( Irlen frames available for $41.00) See
  • Prescription lenses if needed (CR39 plastic, no coating or tinting.)See ID.
  • Copy of prescription with PD distance.
  • ID form from eye doctor
  • Testing information from screener if available 
  • No prescription needed, buy lenses from Irlen $53.00
  • Optional, Single vision prescription lenses for $53.00
  • Rimless or partial rimless. Send lenses only

 Call Susan at 530-891-4783  or if you have any special questions or vision problems.