Irlen® & Other Issues

Comments from my clients 

Lately I have been working with many clients who have been diagnosed with other issues. They include depression, anxiety, anger management,  bi-polar, Brain injuries. Irlen® does not claim that it treats medical conditions such as the ones mentioned in this section. Individuals with these problems should always seek medical advice. Irlen® Spectral Filters can be beneficial for some people regardless of the problem or diagnosis. Here are some of the things these individuals report wearing their Irlen® Spectral Filters.  

Judy, a woman in her 40's on medication for bi-polar walked very slowly into my office holding onto the wall. With the Filters on she ran down my path saying, "The world is not tilted any more, it is not moving!"

Mackennah, a 6-year-old girl, usually overwhelmed and anxious, asked her mother, after a lovely calm day wearing her Spectral Filters, if she could wear them to sleep "because they stop the voices in my head." She also stopped grinding her teeth, a constant habit that caused her to need a bite guard.

Rachael, a woman in her 30's who said fluorescent lights make her feel angry, says, "With my lSpectral Filters on I feel at peace. I can take a deep breath. That sounds insignificant, but I have felt like someone was sitting on my chest, and that feeling has gone."

Elias, a gifted 12 year old with school phobia came home the first day after wearing his Spectral Filters and said with surprise, "I don't feel angry today." He does not have his usual evening meltdowns over homework when he wears his lenses.

Zach, an 11 year old who reads quite well, is a chronic worrier, and has such bad, scary thoughts about his parents and the world, that his parents cannot let him listen to the news. His mom says he now comes out of class with a smile on his face and homework has not been a fight since he is wearing the Spectral Filters. He used to cry every night over homework. The workload is the same but he is coping.

Dianna, a woman in her 50's suffering from depression and migraines says, "My Spectral Filters make everything look happier. It's a good feeling to me, but I don't understand it intellectually. I've been quite well on the migraine front though, and haven't had to take a day off work due to migraines in months. I used to fight like a crazy person to retain every hour of my sick leave, sometimes finishing off a day at work when I was quite ill."

Lance is a 20-year-old man with anger management problems and mood swings, which increased dramatically after two major concussions. He now wears the Spectral Filters all the time his eyes are open, and has noticed the following improvements, in addition to reading.

"I think more clearly, my nervous tick of shaking my hand has stopped. I have more control over my mood swings. I am more grounded and balanced.

"The glasses allow me to feel. I was so distracted by light, I felt numb. Anger management is not a problem for me any more. I do not even hold grudges. It is easier to control the tone of my voice and I use more than one sense at a time.

"I can multitask. I read and listen to music. I drive more easily. I have better coordination playing my guitar. Meditation has become a whole lot easier. My depth perception has improved. I have an easier time controlling my addictions. I have stopped smoking."